How to hire a Lethbridge Realty Agent

If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in Lethbridge, having a good REALTOR® on your team is a very smart idea.

Your Lethbridge realty professional will handle what is likely one of the biggest financial transactions of your life, so you want to make sure you feel comfortable with this individual!

Before you hire an agent it’s good to understand what you can reasonably expect from your REALTOR®, what costs are associated with buying or selling a house in Lethbridge or elsewhere and how to pick the right REALTOR® for your needs.

What can I reasonably expect from my REALTOR® ? Or what can a Lethbridge Realty Agent do for me?

The answer to this question depends on what real estate needs you have.

If you want to sell a house in Lethbridge without buying another one, say you’re moving to Florida, then you want your REALTOR to represent your Selling Needs. This is called a listing agent and the primary role of the listing agent is to get your home sold in the timeframe and budget you expect.

Selling a home in Lethbridge? Your REALTOR®’s primary role is to get your home sold for a good price within a reasonable timeframe. In this case your Lethbridge Realty Agent is called a “seller’s agent”

Your REALTOR® will provide you with a range of prices you can expect, offer guidance on how to show your home in it’s best light and actively work to sell your home through various marketing initiatives.

Your REALTOR® will also help you field and negotiate offers and terms of purchase and possession, so you get the most of your home.

Buying a house in Lethbridge? Your REALTOR®’s job is to help you purchase the right home for your needs. In this case your REALTOR® is called a buyer’s agent.

Your REALTOR® will alert you to homes that match your wish-list, take you to see them, answer questions about the area, home, and other critical details that could affect the home’s value.

Your Lethbridge realty agent will also help you navigate the complexities of preparing an offer, negotiate and bid on the house you choose to place an offer on. In many cases your real estate agent will also help you access the right professionals to ensure a smooth transaction.

Good REALTOR®s will also bring exceptionally good listening skills and instincts to the table, as well as providing solid, level headed advice on managing emotions during the process.

If you want to both buy and sell a home in Lethbridge then your REALTOR® would be performing the duties of the buying and selling agents at the same time.

This is very common as many people prefer dealing with one person.

What costs can I expect to pay for using a REALTOR® to buy or sell my home in Lethbridge?

Fees can range depending on what role or roles, you want your real estate agent to perform for you. As with everything, the better agents usually have higher percentages. The commissions paid in Canada typically range between 3% to 7% of the final purchase price.

These fees aren’t paid out of pocket, instead they are built into the final selling price of the home.

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How to pick the right REALTOR® for your needs.

Everybody is different. The right real estate agent for you may not be the same one that would be a perfect fit for say, Larry at work.

The key to getting the right agent for your home buying or selling needs, in Lethbridge or elsewhere, is asking the right questions and then listening intently to the answers.

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