The Lethbridge Realty Company That Works Hard So You Don’t Have To!

Providing a stress-free and enjoyable real estate experience is our mission and specialty!

Our clients think of us as the Lethbridge Realty Company that cares - My Life Realty provides a unique set of end to end real estate services that help people like you live your best life!

Whether you’re buying or selling real estate in Lethbridge you can trust Liz Toles, the owner of My Life Realty, and her team to deliver.

Making you feel right at home in Lethbridge since 2005, Liz and her team are dedicated, honest, friendly and most importantly - experienced professionals.

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The My Life Lethbridge Realty Story:

I was a licensed REALTOR® with the Coldwell Banker franchise for seven years before deciding to open an independent brokerage.

During my time with Coldwell Banker, I learned a lot about the real estate market in Lethbridge and I couldn't help but notice the restrictions that came from working within a franchise.

Lethbridge is a unique market and being an independent brokerage allows us to change quickly when the real estate landscape changes. One prime example of this was the need for high end residential property management services.

I completed my Brokers license in 2010 and was opened in May 2012. We opened our Property Management division in September of 2013 and then re-branded and underwent a name change to in January of 2017.

Our company motto "Real Estate for YOUR Life" encompasses a few things.

First of all, it means that everyone has different real estate needs at different stages of their life... whether that be a student signing a lease on their first rental home, a growing family needing more space or a retiree looking to downsize.

It might also be a landlord who does not want the stress of managing their own rental, an entrepreneur who's looking to purchase or lease space for their new business, or a large established corporation needing more or less space.

The other part of "Real Estate for YOUR Life" is that we want to have such a great first experience with you that you will without hesitation want to use our full line of real estate services over and over again as your life and needs change.